Rich traditions, proud history

Families have been placing their trust in us for generations. We have always made outstanding service our #1 priority and are honored to serve you since 1958.



GeorgeElliottSrGeorge Elliott Sr. built Lunning Chapel in 1958. The farmland and home was purchased from Jerry and Gertrude Suesens.

A church like chapel was added to the west side of the original farmhouse, along with extensive interior remodeling. They held their grand opening January of 1959. Al Lunning, son-in-law of Mr. Elliott, managed Elliott-Lunning Chapel until he purchased the funeral home in 1972 and changed its name to the present Lunning Chapel.

In 1984 Chip Readinger became a partner and in 1989 Chip along with Steve and Debbie Lewis purchased the funeral home from Al and Genevieve Lunning. Another redecoration of the interior was completed in the early 1990′s. The name has not been changed and Lunning Chapel continues to be an independent, locally owned Funeral Home.

ReadingerStarting in the fall of 2001 and culminating with an open house in June of 2002, the size of Lunning Chapel was effectively doubled with a 5000 + square foot addition. Improvements included a new visitation room, a library, lounge, kitchenette and coffee area, two family arrangement rooms, cremation selection area, casket selection area, professional area, and a new enlarged and paved parking area.

ChipIn October of 2007 Steve and Debbie Lewis retired and Chip and Dana Readinger became sole owners of Lunning Chapel.

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